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No time for caution, wings away

Spring had long been upon them before the ice that barricaded white wing harbor decided to break, over night it shattered and dissipated like it was never there.

The harbor was a flurry of activity. five of the fleets six ships made ready for departure, the Seraphim Frigate: Renewed Valor seemed to be remaining in port, still undergoing a refit and having its captain detained elsewhere. the heavy frigate had undergone a slight refit and repair, along with a re christening: Edge of Hope. smaller boats moved between the larger ones, and the docks were busy with movement, hundreds of Dawnvale Marines moved along the docks to their assigned ships. dock hands finished loading cargo, some supplies for the crews and the journey, others for settlements the fleet was to visit. other villagers stood along the shore, some watching, others waving goodbye and wishing for safe travels and speedy returns.

Canvas dropped and blue flags were raised, bearing the white wing of the Seraphim fleet and the crest of Dawnvale as the ships set sail for open water.
-Seraphim Man of War: Glorious Purpose
-Seraphim Heavy Frigate: Edge of Hope
-Seraphim Frigate: Incorruptible Truth
-Seraphim Brig: Peaceful Intent
-Seraphim Sloop: Moves Mountains

If ships could look eager these ones did, peacekeeping missions to complete, healers to deliver, cargo to move. . .and pirate hunting season had just begun. Captain Steele had made it a personal mission to beat the Valor's numbers this year, and was going to use its time undergoing refit to get a head start.

Wings away.
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