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PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:06 pm
by Dallid
Dallid sighs heavily.

"The decision to make Esmerelda Haven's leader was made over a dinner table in the Mining village. From there, we took the idea to the people of Haven and let them express their concerns, support, or trepidation. Fortunately the support was near unanimous. She was formally made Haven's leader. Esmerelda quickly set up a council of Magistrates, ensuring one existed for each camp or faction. With such unanimous representation, all of Haven was united."

"Fionna, however, was chosen by a singer person - Esmerelda. Concern regarding the matter was immediate following the announcement. I told them there would be a confidence meeting where the appropriatness of her role would be discussed and confirmed that with Fionna. Like that dinner in the Mining village, a decision of whether to accept Fionna as our leader would be made, and if accepted, taken to Haven for full approval."

"Every effort I have seen from Fionna has been for Haven's benefit. I have only seen competence from her. I expected her heroes to grant near full confidence. I have been surprised. That is not to say valid concerns have not been put forth."

"At the conclusion of this meeting, the Magistrates will convene and decide if an election is in order. If so, they will devise a fair, reliable, and safe way to carry it out."

PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:56 pm
by Garritt
Garritt waves his hand in the negative towards Aurora and shakes his head.

No, no, don't take offense as me being an ass. I meant Witch Hunter in a sarcastic way, because Brey seemed to be on such a.....'Sudden and Bombastic Crusade', as Rylls calls it. The longer this goes on, the more bitter I'm starting to feel, but I'm saying right now, I'll stand with anyone against dark magic and it's users.

Here's my two cents to everyone, and then I'm leaving, because frankly, I've got better things to do than politics.

Ok, first. What the hell is Serith guilty of? He tried to kill Abaddon, failed- which turns 'murder' into 'assault with intent' by the way, and then Abaddon dropped the charges against him over it. So.... what exactly is supposed to be going on? Yeah, ok, I can't speak for Gabrial and Sunny. So sue me. But nobody's guilty until proven innocent, no matter how much mud gets slung around.

Second. About Fionna. She never condoned killing Kami and Mary. She also never meant to imply that Esmerelda condoned or ordered them to be killed, which I doubt. She only agreed that Serith was right about the fact that their deaths were a tragic byproduct of that night's events, but nothing could be done right now. Some of you guys just took it like that because that's just what you wanna hear, like some damn conspiracy theorist, and you're running with it because you hope that if you are the loudest, people will only remember what you say and nothing else.

Aurora and Orien? I like it when people can add their bit with an even temper, and speak with a civil tongue. I sure don't have one sometimes, and it's refreshing to hear. (he smiles) Must be a 'woman' thing.

(Garritt suddenly claps his hands together loudly and stands up)

So, like I said before. I've got things I can do- some of them can actually be productive right now, and none of it is in this room. So that means, coincidentally, I don't need to be here either.

Here's anyones last chance for parting insults.....No? Ok, then.

(He heads out the door without a look back.)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:00 pm
by Brey
I know fear will make even the mildest man dangerous. I was simply giving an example of what could happen if word spreads that a woman, and child were killed by three people whose reasons are not yet proven to be true or known by a majority of the population, and will not be known for another month. The people who do not know the three as "protectors of Haven" will be wondering what we are doing to keep them safe from these people until the trial proves whether or not they are a threat. I will keep my mouth shut on the subject if that is what you prefer, but word will spread of this situation regardless. For now the people will just have to sit, and wonder in fear. I was just stating it could shake up the people already shaken by the temporary loss of their leader, and I was giving my opinion on how to best handle the situation until it is time for the trial. I have no intention of terrorizing the people. The reason I want them detained is to put the people at ease. I apologize for not making my intentions clear. May I suggest maybe limiting them to the keep for the time being?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:09 am
by Gabrial
*Gabrial seemed a little bit on edge before, but with Orien at his side a fearlessness has come over him. He seems more focused.*

"If you fear the people will be afraid of me, don't. They ALL know who I am. I have spent more years with them then you ever will. I spent over a year working with them in the village. I was there to help them rebuild the fishing village. I was there to help clean up the mining village mess and help work and get the mines back up. I was there to help build the hospital and have been there everyday to help run it. I have given everything I am to the people of Haven, and they know my name for it." *Gabrial then turns his gaze to Bray* "But I'm sure if I brought you up to them, no one would know yours. So don't worry about what the people will think about me."

*Gabrial then brings his focus over to Abaddon*

"As for Kami, am I saddened by her death, yes. Taking her life was never something I thought would happen. But don't make her out to be so innocent. You and I both know she was anything but innocent. Who, or what, was she anyways? Not what you claim her to be. And on top of that, who was it who brought in the drinks that night? Oh yeah, it was Kami. I personally know how pure and innocent she was."

*Gabrial's hand can be seen clinched into a fist at his side. Orien then places her hand on his back rubbing it ever so slightly as to say "let it go" and his tensions slip away into a steady calmness again.*

PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:59 am
by Aurora
*Aurora watching everyone carefully.*

Wait..Gabriel. That comment about Kami, what did you mean? The who or what? I took her being innocent at face value, but it was at time when that was second nature to me because I viewed the world with purer eyes. I disenchanted Kami once because to me she was acting oddly, and had always felt bad because it had frightened her.

*She shakes her head and looks at Abaddon*

Why is it with YOU I'm always wondering what side of the coin you actually fall on? Why does my natural instincts tell me one thing but a part of me wants to believe another? Why is it you seem to always be in the middle of some large scandal?

*She looks at Dallid*

Dallid, with Esmerelda gone for awhile, would it sit better with folks if there was like a 3 person council or something calling the shots. Like you, Fionia, and maybe someone else since people are bothered but Esmerelda just appointing someone instead of talking it over with folks first?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:24 am
by GM-Mike
Slade's voice again comes from the window. "Since I'm already taking Francesco's spot, I might as well sit on this 3 person council..."

PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:31 am
by Abaddon
"Gabriel I knew you would not actually fix what you had done. Your only sorry enough to say not to do. I expected nothing less.

Kami was tormented by the person I took her from and freed her. I don't think she has ever even taken a life in self defense. Yes she brought drinks, because I asked her too. Both drinks were set far in advance by me.

Her only real secret was that she is not a valkyn'vi. She is a Kitsune, and she feared her secret being revealed. When another of her kind was revealed here, it went poorly. This is why your witch hunter's touch harmed her Aurora, because her body is made of magic.

You ripped her apart and spread her body across the planes to save her from me. She died only for standing next to me. " Abaddon said.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:29 am
by Dallid
“For normal situations, when time is available, a council of different minds well representing the will of the whole is indeed best for making decisions, Aurora. However, councils can become bogged down in discussion. In times of crisis, a single, top authority must be able to cut through the deliberation and declare ‘this is what must be done’. This authority must be trusted by the people, and hold them - hold well-being of Haven - above all else. A council of three comes close, but is not ideal. But your suggestion will certainly be kept in mind should the ideal prove unobtainable.“

“Slade, your willingness to help is admirable and your interest noted. But discussions on who will fill what role are for another time.”

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:33 pm
by Aurora
*Aurora looks at Dallid*

All I am doing is suggesting a compromise so things don't end up one extreme or the other. Actually let me phrase this a bit better, one side or the other.

I'm trying to find a solution before this gets even more out of hand, a solution that will work best for all those concerned.

Last thing this place needs it to be torn apart from the inside out and we end up in some sort of internal civil war. The only side that ends up winning are those forces that wish to harm the people around these parts.

*She pauses*

Perhaps the best alternative to even that idea is to have the "go to person" as you phrased it Dallid, be someone a bit balanced. One that understands the viewpoints from both factions involved in these discussions.

Again just a thought....