The Forging of the Second Bell

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The Forging of the Second Bell

Outside the House of Chance, the blacksmiths were working feverishly. They poured metal, a strange black metal with silver swirling in it due to the heat. Kandium, melted and cast in the shape of a bell. They had made a bell before, at Lord Ingram’s direction, and now they worked forging a similar but much smaller creation. This bell was a little larger than the head of a Tsunotour, capable of being carried by a single human.
As the Kandium cooled from inside the sand molds, Ingram’s apprentices began beating the sand apart with sticks. The result was a fully formed bell still red hot. Workers covered it in water to cool it off. Since the bell had been cast of Kandium, it hardened superfast.
Even as the bell was still hot, and Old Valkyn’Vi man with a a heavy limp stepped forward. Trailing behind him was his assistant, who carried his large grimoire and a small bag. Abaddon walked out and put his hands on the surface of the bell, burning them slightly. Carefully, he drew thick runes on it’s outside, a combination of dwarven, valkyn’vi, and an ancient scrawling text that belonged to the Valkyn.
Abaddon scribed a circle around the bell, focusing his energy into. A majestic purple field sprang up around the object. The runes glowed with magic, each a heartbeat of the universe.
“You can put this away now. It is ready.” Abaddon told one of the works when he was finally. He stumbled, and Kami came, to hold him up as he limped back inside.
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Delayne, who has been seen out and about perhaps once since the Havenites return from the dreamlands, passes Abaddon and Kami. Her eyes are bright with pleasure as they look upon the shining object.

She does not touch it, exactly, but her hands hover slightly over the surface. She nods.

She turns to address Abaddon as the two of them enter the building. "It is beautiful."

She stands there for a brief moment before turning and following Kami and Abaddon back into the building, leaving the apprentices to secure the object.

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