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Posted on the road outside the house of chance

Good people of Far Reach and its visitors. Tired of not having the right tools for the job? Tired of waiting for your brothers in arms to wake up when put to sleep, (when you could really use they're help now)? Sick of disease infested undead spreading illness?

If you are your in luck. Just fresh off the open trails of the wide world comes the help you need. Three merchants of the finest quality. Potions, items of need, weapons and armor made of alchemical steel. Help with research, sagely knowledge, scouting and arcane lore.

A Small sample of what is offered.


Fortitfy dead

Angery sause

Cures 1-4


full cleanse

choking cloud

Immobilize gas

power of the vampire

free the beast



flesh to stone

stone to flesh

mend the ------- body

Mind of the Zombie

Toughen skin


Kan'di'am armor

Kan'telari'am parrying blades

and many more

spells avalable upon request

So please let us fill your needs. Contact Fenn, Morgra, or Mara currently residing in the inn.
The Riddle of Steel compares a man's heart to a piece of raw unworked iron, hammered by adversity and forged by suffering purged hardened by the fire of conflict A man's heart can only be purified and shaped on the anvil of despair and loss