June 2017 Feedback

What did you think of the last event? Post your opinions and disucss the comments of others here!

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June 2017 Feedback

The good. As always I enjoyed the event. I like the level of role playing I get at Haven. I really enjoyed the plots, especially when I went one on one with the bear until we both nearly died. Tripping and lying on the ground and still fighting was tons of fun. What was actually funny is that the previous npc had assured us that those particular creatures "night" whatever they were, could only come out at night. He was so wrong... "stupid nerds." -Eli

The troll plot was best plot of event. You see Mini? "I claim this table. You want sit? You play toll!"

Bad. Friday was super slow. I am not sure I recall going on more than one plot and that plot was PC driven. We actually went out looking for a plot as we'd been sitting waiting for hooks for a long time and had not seen any. As a result of looking for something randomly to do, got our butts handed to us and I think someone died. I enjoyed the risk/danger, but a couple other people grumbled that it seemed like we were being punished for going out begging for work. I didn't think it was that tough a plot, but more a basic lack of organization by the PC's when faced with a surprise attack.

Ugly: Loot or the PC in game bickering. Bickering between characters in game has little to do with GMs, except maybe scarcity of resources. When loot "seems" low, pc's tend to fight over the scarce resources. I went on or offered to go on nearly every plot this weekend and at the end of the event made a total of 3 silver as an adventurer. I realize there are classes of PC's that make cash just appear by holdings or whatever, but the loot seems very low for the adventurer type classes. Note: It could also simply be loot whores stealing everything. If that's the case cool, but it didn't appear that way in or out of game. The issue is when a bowl of soup is 2 silver, making 3 an event seems very low. And having less people on the plot, really isn't an answer. Less people means drastically reduced chances of survival in a Haven type game. Perhaps we had too many once or twice, but for the most part it seemed like we had just the right amount. IDK. It seems like we get a lot of item cards used for crafting or some other such nonsense to us non crafter/drink and kill things types and not useful stuff, like a full set of armor off that fully armored knight I just killed. Or a weapon that isn't rusty? I realize that giving finished crafted products reduced the usefulness of crafters, but does everyone in the world use broken weapons and armor?

Anyway I realize my negs are longer than my positives, but positives are easy, "had fun, will be back" while my neg's need me to explain what I see/hear more. Hope this helps. PS I don't eat candy bars, so that wasn't my reason for posting. I just felt guilty for not putting anything up after last event. :)
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Re: June 2017 Feedback

Thanks for the Feedback Eli - and honestly I would rather the bad be longer than the good usually - it is hard to fix something if you don't know what is broken.
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